There are mainly three steps in production of cement, which is from raw meal preparation then clinker calcination, to cement powder grinding. Here ZK Corp adopts New Type Dry Method Production Craft for cement production line, including vertical preheater, rotary kiln, vertical cooler for whole calcination system, and cement mill for last grinding step. Here explain step by step as bellows:

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1.    Limestone Crushing & Storage

cash gamble,Limestone, transported by the truck from the mine, firstly will be crushed by crusher, then sent by belt conveyor to circular homogenization silo for pre-homogenization.

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2.    Clay & Iron Powder Storage

365 live match,Additives such as Clay & Iron stored in the shed, will be conveyed by bucket elevator to appointed silo separately.     

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3.    Coal Storage (Optional if fuel is coal)

free joker poker games,After raw coal being preliminary crushed, it will be conveyed by belt conveyor & bucket elevator to raw coal silo in coal preparation workshop.


4.    Raw Meal Preparation & Pre-homogenization

Limestone after pre-homogenization, clay and iron will be mix together, with a certain percentage by belt weigher. Then, the mixture will be send to ball mill for primary grinding by belt conveyor, then convey to top of homogenization silo and discharge evenly, take pre-homogenization for second times.

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5.    Calcination System

Raw meal preheating and decomposition is completed by preheater, which can improve the kiln system productivity and reduce heat consumption of clinker Purposes. Then the raw meal is carried out into the rotary kiln clinker for completion after preheating in the preheater and pre-decomposition.


6.    Clinker Storage

mafra fc,Clinker from grate cooler and the dust collected by dust collector of cooler will be sent by chain conveyor to clinker for storage.

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7.    Cement Grinding

Clinker, gypsum and other additives will be feed into material blending bin by belt conveyor. With certain proportion, these materials are feed into to cement mill for grinding to cement powder at last.,football bet online

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8.    Cement Packaging

Above is a basic complete cement plant process. The detailed project proposal will be adjusted according to the demand of the clients and project conditions. ,free joker poker games

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ZK Corp, established in 1956, have rich experiences on cement plant design & equipment supply, welcome clients consulting & visiting!,free roulette online game